We are conscious that purchasers are afraid their privacy will be violated when they send us their personal details; the "Il Supermarket" therefore pledges full respect and protection of their privacy on Internet.
Customers are therefore asked to read our policy on the protection of personal data set out below.

Informative according to the Italian law 675, 31.12.1996 “Protection of persons regarding the treatment of personal data”.

In accordance with the Italian law on Privacy we would like to inform you of the use of your personal data and your rights in conformance with article 10, Italian law 31, December 1996, nr. 675.
In order to offer you its services, the "Il Supermarket" needs certain personal data, as specified in the relevant paragraph on its services.
We therefore ask you to agree to the use of the data that is strictly necessary for the services you request at the moment of your agreement.
The "Il Supermarket" will maintain strict confidentiality on the personal data you give the "Il Supermarket". The "Il Supermarket" is obliged by both commercial and fiscal laws to ask for this data. The "Il Supermarket" will use the data only for those procedures that are strictly necessary to allow us to supply you with the services you request, commercial information regarding the products and the promotional initiatives of the "Il Supermarket", the suppliers and possibly the sponsors.
The data will not be shared and will be communicated for the aforementioned reasons only to companies we trust who carry out tasks of a technical or commercial nature and to our suppliers with the aim of giving you information regarding the products and commercial initiatives of these companies, the list of which can be obtained by contacting us at this address
Without your data we will not be able to supply the services you request. You have the right to know your data and how it is being used at any time. You also have the right to up-date, integrate, rectify or cancel it, request that it be blocked and decide against it being used.

We remind you that these rights are foreseen in Art. 13, Italian law 31 December 1996, nr. 675. Thus, the "Il Supermarket" promises to supply its customers with the means to allow them to communicate possible concerns regarding their privacy and to give them thorough and accurate replies. For any information about modification or cancellation of your personal data please turn to the person in charge of the use of personal data of “Il Supermarket” by writing to:


 You can visit the web-site without supplying either your data or any other personal information. Nevertheless, registration is necessary for the use of certain services such as: the acquisition of products or “Join Club Super”. During the registration process you will be asked to fill in certain spaces, for example, we ask for information to enable us to contact the customer (such as name, surname, e-mail address, and postal code). This contact information may be used for the following

 · To send you advertisements that are especially suitable to your interests (if you agree)

 · Delivery of possible acquisitions

 · Sharing your information with our suppliers and sponsors (if you agree).

We may, with your consent, share the information you give us with chosen third parties such as our suppliers and sponsors. You have, however, the possibility to withhold your consent at any moment of the registration and should this be the case we will not share the information. If you decide to agree, you will receive e-mail messages from the "Il Supermarket" regarding our products including offers of our suppliers and sponsors that are relevant to your interests. You will receive such communications only if you decide to adhere during registration. You may cancel your registration at any moment.

We sometimes organise competitions for which we ask the participants to supply information so that we can contact them, for example, their e-mail address. When you participate in a competition such information is used principally to send you information regarding our offers and the promotions of our suppliers and sponsors. You may choose not to receive such messages when enrolling in the competition. In some cases we share your personal data with companies we are in contact with and whom we choose with the greatest care. We share such information with the aforementioned companies, only if you have agreed to receive advertising material from them.
If you have chosen to agree, but wish your name to be deleted from such mailing lists, you can send an e-mail directly with subject: remove and we will immediately cancel your personal data from the database used by the company in question. If the addition of ulterior information foresees the sharing of your personal data with a third party, you can oppose this by using the e-mail address above, requesting that you data is not to be shared. In certain cases we can divulge information concerning the customers when we have reason to believe that the divulging of such information is necessary for reasons of identification, contact or the start of legal action regarding persons who could damage or obstruct the Il Supermarket’s rights, its property, management, the Il Supermarket’s clients or whoever else could be damaged by such activities. Furthermore, the information can be divulged whenever we believe that it is foreseen by the law or in reply to requests from authorities applying the law in relation to legal enquires.


The "Il Supermarket" adopts suitable security measures for protection against damage, incorrect use and the alteration of data while in our possession in conformity with the dispositions of the Legal Decree nr. 318, July 28, 1999 executed by Italian law 675.

Only authorised personnel will have access to the data you supply us. Employees of “Il Supermarket” with access to the database containing your personal data are obliged to respect very rigid norms. If you have any doubts regarding our policy on privacy or the norms governing this site, contact: 
You may send an e-mail directly to You are kindly asked to insert the term “Privacy Policy” in the line of “object” of the e-mail message. 

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