The steps that you must follow are following:

1) add to basket the chosen article (or the articles);

2) checkout your order;

3) select a shipping region (ex: U.S.A.);

4) press the button Secure check out ;

5) Enter your personal information:
*Name (First/Last)
Company Name
* Street
* City
* State
* Zip
* Country
* Phone
* Email
Your notice to us.

And select "Deliver to the above address or Deliver to a different address
(* these fields require data).

Now press NEXT botton. (you connect to the cryptographic banking security system). Choose constriv (Consorzio Triveneto, supplier of these services for the bank Antonveneta)
a) Press “ Ok I’ve choosen this way of payment “ button.* * * * *
b) Enter your e-mail address;
c) select type of credit card (tipo di carta) Visa or Mastercard.
d) enter the credit card number
e) select a month expiration card (data scadenza: mese)
f) select a year expiration card (data scadenza: anno) and press OK button.
All fields are require.

* * *  If you are still problems choose - Other ways of payment - and send us your request.